“Sending bulk mail has never been easier…”

Just Click “Print” On Your Computer And Instantly Send Hundreds/Thousands of Letters, Starting From Just 39p Per Mail-Out?


What are our customers saying?

How can you outsource a function, feel no pain and get your post printed, enveloped and delivered for less than the cost of the stamp. It’s magic, it’s Yes Post. Working with Andy Milner and his team at YESPOST has been one of our best decisions of the year.

Kevin Harington
Chairman RTD Group

Now sending mail through the post is as easy as sending an email.

Printing invoices, renewals or payslips, packing them into envelopes and hovering over the franking machine is neither productive nor efficient.

We recognised this and we’ve built a revolutionary solution.

Every time you need to send those tedious bulk mail-outs – all you now have to do is prepare your document and press “print” – the order will automatically be sent to us and we’ll be able to fulfil and send every single letter.

The best bit is, it costs from just 39p per letter.

No staff labour, no changing the ink on the franking machine, no stuffing envelopes and no having to order more paper/envelopes every other day!

It’s now completely effortless, allowing you and your staff to focus on the more important stuff.

"I used to spend two hours every Monday morning printing, folding, enveloping and franking invoices.  Now I just press print.  I even have time for a coffee."

Cheryl has been using YesPost since 2015 - and has gained back over one week of time AND saved 48% on posting letters and invoices.

You can print from any application including



All Windows Applications



Any Accounting Software

Your CRM

How Does It Work?
Using YesPost you can send just about anything:

Click the orange button below to sign up and add some initial credit to your account.

Download our clever print app and install it on your computer (don’t worry, we’ll show you exactly how to do it, it’s easy-peasy).

Then, when you want to send your mail, whether one letter or hundreds of thousands, you’ll prepare your document as usual and simply select our YesPost Printer and hit the print button.

We’ll receive your order, print your letters, pack your mail and have it sent to your recipients.

It will be in your recipients’ hands in a matter of days, being sent second class through the Royal Mail.

You can then track your mail through your personal log-in portal.

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Whether they’re renewal letters, reminders, invoices, payslips, statements or even a mass direct mail campaign

Just hit “print” on your computer and your job is automatically printed, packed and dispatched from our secure UK mailing house

Your mail is sent the same day, allowing you to reach your customers/employees within days of sending

With the average letter costing less than a second class stamp to send, it’s the cheapest way to send bulk mail effortlessly

Pay as you go, we don’t do contracts – just top up your account and continue to send mail with our revolutionary easy method

You can even log in to an online portal where you can see the time/date that every piece of mail was sent

Any A4 document, up to 8 pages, black & white or colour, single or double sided … whatever you want, we’ll meet your demands

Post one, one hundred, one thousand or one million letters with just a click of a button – the future of sending bulk mail has arrived in the UK.

Simply, YesPost it!







Ready to register for your account and join the hundreds of businesses that have discovered the 2015-way to send bulk mail in the UK?


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No contracts ever – just Pay and Post

In the email age, we know what a pain it is to print, stuff, lick & stick and get to the post box on time. So with YesPost just type, select print and consider it done!

We will never ask you to sign a long-term contract, just top up your YesPost account using your credit card (after your free trial of course) and you can send mail right away. Helpfully, when you run out, we’ll let you know so you can carry on sending mail. You’ll never need a franking machine or stationery again.


YESPOST clearly knows the difference between customer service and customer experience?

After searching the Internet for a new provider to print and post, I narrowed it down to two. I rang the first company and the young man who answered gave me good customer service. He told me everything I needed to know.

The second company I rang was YESPOST. Andy gave me all the information I needed and more – he gave me a great customer experience. He could obviously tell I was not too technically minded and he offered there and then to walk me through the process. He made it easy for me to access the information I needed to complete my first print and post.

If you are looking for great customer service and a great customer experience, then it has to be YESPOST.

John Edington
Author, Speaker and mentor on: The Psychology of Leadership Mastery


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